ink, installation

In the series Chance Lahde connects elements of chance to a process of replication and reversal. She uses dice as a stamp, applying ink to all sides then tossing the dice across the surface of paper or a floor. As the dice skips across the surface it leaves inky traces of where it has traveled with a complete print of the dice in it’s final resting spot. As the marks accumulate the artwork becomes a record of a series of actions. The chance throw is then re-created as a mirror image in ink or pencil.

Echo 2011 was created on site at BIENNALE DE MONTRÉAL 2011 - BNL MTL 2011, curated by Claude Gosselin and David Liss.

Work from the Chance series was featured in the exhibition The Spectacle of Play at The Art Gallery of Hamilton, co-curated by Melissa Bennett. Winter 2013-14.

Chance Tote, an artists multiple produced for Mercer Union, 2011.