Aluminium with powder-coating
Site-specific installation

The site-specific installation, Exchanges, is inspired by the space it resides in, the movement and the activities of a private sports club in Toronto where members come together to play, practice or compete.

A series of dotted lines form curves that dynamically crisscross the space. The lines respond to the asymmetry of the wall and the angle of the staircase. Like a ball in motion, the circles arc and curve, spanning the wall as if ricocheting back and forth or bouncing up and down the wall.

Exchanges is a reflection of my interests in physics and the combination of gravity and motion. Like Eadweard Muybridge’s photographic studies of motion, or Bernice Abbot’s photography of scientific principals. Exchanges links to this inquiry as the impression of a ball in motion, held in a static state.

Combining space and action, the work echo’s the back and forth, the dynamics of partnership and exchange in a joyful yet elegant way.

The commission of Exchanges was expertly managed by Demetriou Art Group.